After almost 10 years of seeking for knowledge and experience in the Specialty Coffee and food industry, through out 7 different countries around the world, I have decided to gather all the right information and bring it to Bird of Passage Coffee in Porto, Portugal. 
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After years of having worked in different environments, different client demand and different work ethic, I have constructed, from picking the best of each culture a Coffee Menu that I consider to be great for Specialty Coffee and Portuguese coffee lovers.
This finding the right Roasting Profile, consistent Espresso Recipe for each coffee and keeping my Milk beverages relatively small in volume. 


The Shop

The Shop

Inside you will find seating place at a big sharing table with plugs and working space, tables for groups, and high chairs at the bar.

The most important is our big open air esplanade (terrace) out the back. Perfect to disconnect for a little while. 



At Bird of Passage we serve a diverse choice of food. To start off your day, alternating Healthy Fruit Bowls. For the sweet tooth, home made cakes, the authentic Pastel de Nata, Alfajor de Maicena, Sourdough Toast with jam or Dulce de Leche, etc. For the savoury ones we have a vast choice to satisfy the Meat lovers (Smoked Pastrami being one of them), Vegetarians or Vegans. This to be enjoyed at any moment of the day. Also a nice selection of Empanadas for those who wish to just grab a bite.

Everything on our menu can be Take Away, easily wrapped to keep things clean.

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We are looking forward to welcoming you and satisfying each ones needs. This before being our work, its our hobby and passion. The Specialty Coffee fans will feel at home and for those who are new with this improvement in the coffee world, it is our drive to teach you about it.